AJS and JIRA Library


I finding some document/tutorial about AJS and JIRA Library (javascript) to use in js file.

Some thing like document about:

AJS.MultiSelect, JIRA.AutoComplete, JIRA.JQLAutoComplete,…

Can anybody tell me where I can get it?


Maybe you’re looking for the Jira Cloud Platform JavaScript API.


Thank you @david.pinn. But I looking for jira server :grinning:
Do you have another idea?


Hi Tien,

Unfortunately it’s undocumented. At least I did not find any docs for it back in 2015 - 2016. We used MultiSelect and AutoComplete by reverse engineering from Jira pages and finding appropriate working samples while running development version of Jira and debugging JS. For sure not the best and not very reliable approach. Nowdays we write all components from scratch and try to do not depend on any scripts that come as part of Jira.

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Here is the link to Atlassian server Javascript components documentation: https://docs.atlassian.com/aui/latest/docs
You would likely find the AJS.x components there.

Unfortunately Jira specific components (Jira.x) documentation is in code comments in source code itself at the moment.

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