Aligning images in rich-text body macros

I’m finding the alignment of images in rich-text body macros to be odd enough that I have to ask: is there a supported way to align images when they are in the body of a rich-text macro? I’m working in the new/fabric/v2 page editor.

For an image that is directly included in a page there are tools for aligning the image:

For an image that is in the body of a rich-text macro there are no such tools:

I can hack around this by doing a copy of an aligned image that is directly on the page and pasting that into the macro. That “sort of” works. It does correctly align the image in the macro but wreaks havoc on the page. Resizes other images on the page, hard to explain… the hack makes other images on the page fall apart to some extent.

So… why aren’t the align tools available for an image in a rich-text body macro, is that expected? And… is there any supported way for me to do such alignment. The copy/paste hack does not feel right and it is marring the look of the rest of my page.


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