All.js resizing to zero

As a page loads in JIRA, a resize seems to be called automatically on the Iframe containing our plugin setting a fixed number of pixels to the Iframe’s height.

The issue we are faced with is that sometimes the height is zero.

Here is our current stack:

  1. We include the script as is in a <script> tag asynchronously.
  2. We are using React to render our Web components
  3. Our plugin’s DOM can be summarized to… <section class="ac-content"><div>Data</div></section>

Here are our observations:
(For our observations we will be talking specifically of the Issue page)

  1. On a very fast computer, where the page completely loads under 3 seconds, the issue never happens
  2. On a slower computer, where the page can take up to over 15-20 seconds to load, the issue happens around 6% of the time.
  3. Resizing the browser fixes the issue.
  4. We have tried adding the data options props to the script tag (data_options="sizeToParent:true;hideFooter:true") but it didn’t seem to make a difference.

Did anyone else have this kind of issue and if so, did you resolve it?

Thank you

Hi, I had the opposite resizing problem. The height of my app didn’t shrink when the content is empty and the loading image hides very fast. I fixed this by setting min-height to the “ac-content” section.
Also there is some logic in resize preventing too many changes check isFlicker and triggered methods in