Allow apps to be always visible

Hi, whenever I try to create a new Jira ticket the “ACCELQ Traceability” panel goes into the three-dots. And unless someone goes and clicks on three-dots, they won’t realize the plugin exists there. Is there any way to ensure “ACCELQ Traceability” always shows up in the left panel and not in hidden mode?

I’m the developer of this app, so any configuration changes or code changes please let me know

I worked on a application using jira issue panel before , this is how my issue panel apps looked , before minimizing issue left panel , and after


I simply followed steps from documentation and since the issue panel sizes are adjustable , I don’t think there’s a way to always keep their size fixed

Any code snippet you can share?

I have uploaded my custom UI issue panel code to the below repo, you can refer to it .
Issue panel repo

Note: I have only used the basic steps to create Jira forge Issue panel application