Allow everyone with permission "Browse projects" to see Jira Project Page module


I’m implementing the Jira Project Page module in my app. I noticed that the access is limited to registered users with access to a given project. However, it is possible to make a project public - in this case, even though I grant “Public” group right “Browse projects”, the app page is not shown. To me, the project page concept should include the apps that this project uses (or have the ability to allow for such access).

Is it possible to change with some other permission I’m not aware of?


Hi @IgorAndriushchenkp ,

When you tested if the app’s project page is visible, was the user you were testing with logged in or just anonymously browsing the project?


Hi Dugald,

I tested with the anonymous user.

Here’s the project permission I set:

Hi Dugald, do you have any updates on this?

I tried in both Jira and Confluence, also used
isLoggedIn: false

No matter what I did, the app was not shown to public users. Are there any workarounds?