Alternative for Automating Project Scheme/Workflow?

I have an add-on that serves as a custom dashboard - displaying information based on certain data from JIRA projects and I’m looking for a way to represent different project states based upon issues in the project. For instance, if there is a current risk for the project, I need a way to represent this.

The first solution that comes to mind is to create a custom workflow so I can put any issues that are risks into the risks column. In my add-on I can then simply filter for issues that are categorized under the status “Risk”. The second solution would be to create an issue type called risk. Similarly, I can filter for issues with the status type “Risk”. If a project has an issue that falls under the risk status/issue type, I can then show in my add-on that that project is at risk.

The problems with these two solutions is that I can not automate them when building a project. I’m creating projects using the REST api, but as far as I can tell there is no REST call to assign a workflow or issue type scheme to a new project. Does anyone have a solution for how I can represent a certain project status (such as ‘at risk’) based upon the issues in that project which can be applied automatically to all future projects?

If you’re building a commercial app you’ll probably not want to mess around with the workflows (too easy for the customers to forget the reason the status is there). Since you’re in cloud - why not use Issue Fields? See for how to use it. You could do it as a single_select and even have levels of risk in it if you so desired… :slight_smile: .