Alternative for Cascading Select (report-plugin-module)

Hi there,
i’d like to create a report by using the report-plugin-module. Before running the report some properties should be specified, so i want to use a cascading select. However since the cascading select field type is broken , i need an alternative.
Workarounds mentioned here are not an option. Is there an alternative for the cascading select? Or at least, is it possible to define rules for the properties which are defined before running the report? Like doing something like this in xml file:

        <values class=myValues/>

Thanks in advance!

Overriding the validate method in the report class is what i did now. Not the best solution, but it works.

In plugin configuration there are two select lists.
Report configuration page has hidden input field with report key. To detect that this is proper page.
In simple select values i code sub values.
Bounded to report JS parse page and deploy subvalues as another select list.