AMPS configuration overriding jvmArgs base URL

I’m looking to set the Confluence base URL using some configuration.

This used to be achievable using jvmArgs as described here, but on latest version of amps this no longer works because although those arguments take effect, the baseurl is set a second time further down the startup logs (presumably by AMPS itself) to a url made up of my computer’s hostname eg “-Dbaseurl=http://abc-macbook-pro.local:1990/confluence”. How to stop this behaviour or otherwise make the properties set by my app take precedence ?

Hei hei @TonyGoughAdaptavist

Can you try running the same command but with -Dserver=localhost , that’s what I am using over here atlassian-devbox/product.ts at main · viqueen/atlassian-devbox · GitHub and it works

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