An update on our investigation to solve intermittent iframe loading problems in Connect apps

Just to close the loop on my question, Atlassian support told me “it seems like it is unrelated to the problem you have shared. We believe this might be a problem with the JavaScript framework”

They are going to raise a public Atlassian Connect JS API ticket for it. I’ll share that when I have it, just in case anyone comes across this here.

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Is one of the symptoms of this the JWT token being expired?
I have one install where I saw this problem in the app’s log. When I proactivly asked the customer if they were experiencing problems, they told me, “We quite often receive what looks like a timeout” and provided this screenshot:

Hey James - I’ll follow up on your question with the engineering team. Thanks!

EDIT: Also, here is the issue that James mentioned:


Further to my comment about the JWT token is expired, the customer followed up today in response to some troubleshooting questions and told me:

It may be coincidence but we haven’t observed this since uninstalling the following:

I had already tested my app and SubSpace Navigation being installed together and didn’t notice any issues. So just a coincidence?

I don’t know if they have other apps running on the page.