Angular with Jira cloud development

We have Jira plugin developed for server platform and UI is based on @atlassian/aui library and Angular. Now we want to make this plugin available as Cloud plugin. I managed to get work default Angular app as Jira App using ac-ng project found on github GitHub - s73obrien/ac-ng: Atlassian Connect with Angular. Now I made a skeleton of our plugin to use this project as basis for our migration but while it works in local environment it won’t work in Jira Cloud. I am trying to figure out why it does not work and I can’t find anywhere information that AUI can be used in Jira Cloud app.

So my first question is can Jira Cloud App work if it uses AUI?

I’m not sure what is not working, but I see 2 possible issues you could have run into:

  1. The Atlassian Aui Elements are not Styled / Working
    => You have to include the Atlassian AUI Javascript/CSS yourself
  2. Some Aui Javascript Methods are not Working (Ajax Request, Dialogs etc.)
    => In The Cloud Environment you can only use the AP Javascript API to interact with Jira, see

AUI itself should work in the cloud environment as one of our plugins it using it, but thinks like Dialog needs to be connected in a different way

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Well, the problem was trivial, but we had to find it. In index.html, we have loaded some Google fonts there and for some reason that messed up with Cloud system. Now when we removed that our application started to work and we are able to continue our migration efforts.

Can you provide me information about what version of angular did you managed to work with ac-ng? I tried it with angular 14 but it seems that this library is incompatible for this version as it fails to run

ng add ac-ng

Is there any library for angular 14 which helps to use atlassian connect with angular? Or is there any guide how to set up an angular project to work with atlassian connect?