[ANNOUNCEMENT] Marketplace knowledge base articles land on DAC

Hey all,

The Vendor support team recently undertook a project to move all our knowledge base articles from the obscurity of http://ecosystem.atlassian.net/wiki over to our main developer documentation portal: http://developer.atlassian.com.

This will give the articles more exposure as our hit rates on this site are far higher. We also have better search indexing, so Googles by users with common Marketplace related issues should be able to find the information they are after more easily.

You can find these articles at https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/marketplace/ under the side menu header of KNOWLEDGE BASE.

We’ve built these articles over the last few years, identifying recurrent issues/themes and then adding to the knowledge base. We can only see so far though, which is where you all come in. If you have any ideas or proposals for articles of a similar nature then we’d love to hear your suggestions.

Add in your ideas in this thread and we’ll add them to the list we collate for new article topics. Bear in mind that these articles are not full-blown guides, so please keep the scope in mind. For some context, an example of an article we have on our to-do list is ‘What are the differences between active/inactive/cancelled licenses’. Hopefully this gives you a sense of the scale for the articles in this area.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions!


The Marketplace Vendor Support team


Hi Chris,
this looks pretty valuable (wasn’t even aware of the old KB to be honest…). Quick question, is this integrated in the AMKTHELP SD or something like that?
Cheers, David

Hey David - yeah it’s integrated with the AMKTHELP JSD, we give the articles as suggestions when creating a ticket there. Alas it’s not very prominent in the UI.

I’m going to move this post over to a public forum to give it some more exposure.



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