Announcing 2021 Codegeist Winning Forge Apps and Thank You from our Judges!

A huge congratulations to all of the participants who submitted their Forge app to Codegiest 2021! After carefully reviewing each entry, we’re excited to say we have determined the Codegeist 2021 winners!


We know you cannot wait to find out who the winners are, so head on over to our Developer Blog where we reveal the prize winners in each category, including Storytelling, Forge Feedback and more! Whether or not your team is mentioned, we’re giving you a round of applause.


If you participated this year, we’re curious to know: what was your favorite Codegeist moment? Was it someone who helped you, a new skill you learned, or a problem you solved? Reflect for a minute, then comment on this post and let us know! Feel free to give a shout-out to a fellow developer to give them kudos for lending a hand.


One last reminder! You can still be a winner if you list your app on the Marketplace. Atlassian customers are eager to use the apps that you’ve built, and you can make $ helping them! It’s a win-win. Wondering how to create your partner profile and submit your app for approval? Look no further. We’ve broken it down for you step-by-step right here in our guide to Creating a Marketplace Listing.



Hello everyone! Codegeist '21 may be over, but we are still feeling grateful for every single one of you who participated. Today, we wanted to give a shout out and massive thank you to acknowledge everyone who took part in this year’s hackathon.

Take a moment to kick back with your coffee, celebrate and enjoy watching this short video message from our Codegeist judges :arrow_down:


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