Announcing AMPS 6.3.18

AMPS version 6.3.18 is now available

There are number of bug fixes and improvements in this release - in particular around Tomcat versions.

Full details can be found in the Release Notes

How to use AMPS 6.3.18
Use the flag -u 6.3.18 to specify the AMPS version when running your atlas- commands (or you can specify the AMPS version in the POM).


Thanks @mpaisley - the release notes 6.3.18 are not yet linked from the main page, and 6.3.17 yields a 404, maybe a permission issue?

I’ve reverse engineered 6.3.17 (main page link is wrong), but 6.3.18 seems to be simply missing indeed.


Reverse Engineered… ROFL

Sorry everyone! It looks like the changes hadn’t been published to I’ve just double checked and they’re available now: AMPS 6.3.18