Announcing the Atlassian Developer Changelog

As the number of changelogs across different Atlassian cloud products continues to grow, we’re excited to announce that we have added a landing page, the Atlassian Developer Changelog, that consolidates all Atlassian Developer changelogs and displays changes across multiple products.

The existing changelogs and feeds will remain as-is; but while they only show changes particular to one product, this new changelog page goes across products and gives more options to choose which changes are relevant to you.

Check out the blog for more information.

This program is part of our efforts to improve Partner Sentiment with our Developer and Partner Community. For more details on our efforts on improving Partner Content & Communications, follow our updates here on the Partner Portal.*

*Marketplace Partners with at least 1 paid-via-Atlassian app qualify for Partner Portal resources. If you experience any issues getting access, and meet the eligibility criteria, please open a support ticket and our team will work to get things resolved as quickly as possible.


Very cool, thanks for your efforts!

One additional nice-to-have feature that comes to mind would be to have an exclude filter rather than an include filter. So instead of saying “give me components X, Y, Z”, I’d rather say “give me everything except components X, Y, Z”. This would ensure that additional components added later on are not missed when using the feed. But it’s already a great improvement compared to watching all the different changelogs instead :slight_smile:


If you have your own Slack group, you may like to use its RSS feeds feature to send changelog entries into channels. I’m sure there are other RSS feed integrations for alternate messaging tools.


Would it be possible for it to remember state? Even if it was only local storage - it would be nice way to make sure that you don’t “miss” an item.


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