Announcing the winners of Codegeist 2017

Atlassian has an amazing community of developers that have created over 3,000 apps in the Atlassian Marketplace. Codegeist is an online contest that has taken many forms since 2008 but has always resulted in new apps and ideas being brought to the Marketplace.

This year we had 122 entries in 6 different categories, and for the first time, Trello Power-Ups were added to the contest. Here are the winners of this year’s Codegeist!

Popular Choice App

##Email Notifications Digest by Reliex

When you use JIRA you get many notifications about every issue or task you are watching; this can quickly get overwhelming. Email Notifications Digest helps your team by collecting all of these notifications into a single digest for easy reading.

Honorable Mentions:

StepShot Image Editor for Confluence - Edit and annotate images right in Confluence
SQL Reporter for JIRA - Generate powerful and flexible reports with SQL in JIRA

Best Business Team App

##Office Calendars for Confluence by yasoon

If your team uses Microsoft Office, this app is a must for your Confluence instance. With Office Calendars for Confluence, you can see all JIRA or Trello due dates, issues, and sprints at a glance, making getting your team coordinated easier than ever.

Honorable Mentions:

Excellentable Spreadsheet for Confluence by Addteq Inc - Powerful spreadsheets in Confluence with real time collaboritive editing
Mixin for Adobe Creative Cloud and JIRA by 6kites - Instantly shares assets from Adobe Creative Cloud Apps to JIRA to bring your creative and enginering teams together

Best Software Team App

##UML Class Diagrams by Lucidchart

Ever tried to figure out someone elses code? Looking at how one fuction talks to another, having to open file after file to trace what is being called to do what? If you are programming in an object oriented language, tracing out what does what is a challenge. Sure, someone can go make a UML diagram showing everything that chains together, but in the fast paced daily multiple release environment of cloud software developement, who has the time to keep these diagrams up to date manually? UML Class Diagrams from Lucidchart solves this by autogenerating the UML Class Diagram dynamically right from your code base. No painstaking documenting, or having to dig through a huge number of files to connect the dots. Just look at the chart, open the file, and away you go.

Honorable Mentions:

JSON Viewer Macro for Confluence by VIEW26 GmbH - Using Confluence to document your JSON is even eaiser with this Macro
WatchTower. One board for multiple JIRAs by Rozdoum - View and edit issues from multiple JIRA instances in one board across both cloud and server instances

Best IT Team App

##Refined Theme for JIRA Service Desk by RefinedWiki

Having your company look and feel on your JIRA Service Desk is very important to establishing trust in your support team. Refined Theme lets you do this easily. Now available for both cloud and server, getting your service desk to look like YOUR service desk is easier than ever before.

Honorable Mentions:

Charts and Reports for JIRA Service Desk by VIEW26 GmbH - Create high quality insightful reports across multiple service desks
Team Secrets for JIRA by Kickdrum Technology Group LLC - End-to-end encryption and viewer verification, Team Secrets protects the sensitive files your teams are sharing in JIRA

Best Newcomer App

##Emotion Analytics for JIRA by DeepAffects

Having your team working together is great, but keeping an eye on how your team is feeling is extremely important. Emotion Analytics for JIRA gives you insight into the emotional intelligence of your team and how they are interacting.

Honorable Mentions:

ContactNow for JIRA Service Desk by 8x8 - Intergrate JIRA Service Desk right into your 8x8 ContactNow call center

Early Bird by Sparroe - Improve your sprint planning and managment in JIRA

Best Trello Power-Up

Planning Poker for Trello by Lizard Brain UG

Planning poker is a time tested method for having your developers estimate how much time it will take to do something. Now you can use this method easily with Trello.

Honorable Mentions

Comment Editor by AJ - A Trello Power-Up that allows you to edit card comments using an outliner.
Filterello by Charles Wong - Allows you to filter your Trello cards and add flags.

Thank you to all that participated. For everyone who submitted an approved app, you should be getting a code for your t-shirt in the next few weeks.

If you’re interested in learning about building Atlassian apps, future Codegeists, updates, and more, check out our developer site.


Congratulations to our latest Codegeist winners, and thank you to all entrants for your hard work, your innovation and inventiveness, and some really amazing apps! Let’s get these apps growing.


Awesome! Congratulations to the winners, and an infinite loop of handclaps for everyone who participated!


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