Any ideas how to implementing a Gantt Chart App for better suitable with Jira?

Hi there you all,

Okay, I understand that Gantt Charts is not suitable for Scrum of Kanban, because Gantt Chart like old Waterfall model of the projects. But there can be a Software Projects with basic template without Scrum or Kanban Boards. But problems occurs when user add a Board for it (Scrum or Kanban). Agile projects haves no that thing the project is “locked” when Gantt Chart is fully planed to complete and on the Waterfall Model project timelines can not be changed after these is fully planed to complete.

And what about the Gantt Chart in Jira Service Desk projects? It these needed in Service Desk?

I just try to implementing my Gantt Chart and Timesheet App to better.

Currently I implementing a Custom Gantt Charts with Active Objects (custom database tables) which is mean for that the single project can have multiple Gantt Charts thats means they’re just a “mini” projects on selected Jira Project. And every custom Gantt Chart haves only selected issues from Jira.