Any limitation of the Search API in Jira cloud for instance upto 5 million issues?


I am using the Issue search API to crawl the issues (along with their content) for Jira cloud. I wanted to inquire if there are any limitations on using this API, especially for large Jira cloud instances with up to 5 million issues.

Earlier, while working with the Search API of Confluence Server, I discovered a limitation that the search API could only return up to 100k results. I want to confirm that no such similar limit exists for Jira cloud?


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Hi @VivekGupta,

There isn’t a well-defined limitation when using the Issue search API in Jira, however, there will be cases where the API might fail and that depends on the shape of the data.

As an example, I’ve seen a few developers hitting the problem described in the JRACLOUD-76460.

The general suggestion is to break down the result set to be smaller, common approaches are to iterate over each project and, if needed, retrieve a subset of issues by adding a createdDate filter to the JQL.

In a Cloud instance, the APIs will also be subject to rate-limiting so the logic will need to account for that as well.

Hope this helps,