Any plans to make /rest/workinghours public?

I noticed Service Desk uses a new rest endpoint for managing calendars/working hours (it is available in SLA configuration).

It looks like you’re building something for general use - it’s located under (outside Service Desk), has a notion of owner (so I guess in the future it will be possible to link calendars not only to SD projects but maybe business and software too?

I tried accessing this information from the add-on (has admin scope) but it fails with 403. If I impersonate a user that has access to the calendar in the browser it returns an empty list of calendars (browser shows 2), which is really strange and I can’t access a single calendar either.

As we have an add-on that could use this information and users were already asking why don’t we use it I wonder what are the plans for this working hours? Is it something we will be able to use in the near future or should we build our own solution from scratch (which would duplicate the existing one which would suck for us and users)?


Hi Pawel,

There are no plans for that at the moment, but I’ll bring this up with the team working on SLAs (that’s where it’s used, mostly) and see what they think.




Thanks Greg!

For us being able to read/write there from the add-on would be enough, then we could build an UI on top of it and integrate it into our product.

I guess many time tracking apps would benefit from that too, and some service desk/agent tools as well.

Any response from them?

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