Any SLA on the app review?

We have submitted app for the review on February 19, and still no updates, even after my comment in the approval ticket AMKTHELP-15045.

I’ve contacted Atlassian stuff in the beginning of the current week in the other ticket (yep, I do all I can) on that, and the answer was:

“we have a huge backlog we’re working through at the moment, we’ll hopefully pick yours up in the coming days.”

I do understand that review may take a while, but almost 3 weeks have already passed with no single comment or update in the approval ticket. The app that need to be approved is fairly straightforward, and moreover, it’s just a Server version of the app, that currently available for Cloud.

Could anyone please name the SLA or ETA on that?

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Hey Dmitry,

I’m picking it up now. You’re completely right, 3 weeks is too long. Apologies. We do have a backlog to work through due to a variety of factors, but that one got away from us. Look to the ticket for an update.

Thanks Jamie,

The app is in the Marketplace, hooray!