AP.confluence.getMacroBody return previous body content on new editor

Our macro is a Dynamic Content Macro returning a body type “plain-text”. The rendering is done into the macro iframe (html + javascript) without serveur side rendering.
The problem occurs with the new editor :
1- first creation with the macro editor and save with AP.confluence.saveMacro and close
2- when return to the edit page the rectangle rendering the macro content is empty (means AP.confluence.getMacroBody return nothing)
3- reedit the macro, change content, new call of AP.confluence.saveMacro and close
4- when return to the edit page the rectangle rendering the macro show previous content (step 1)
5- Call the preview and it is correct with the right content of step 3
6- return to the edit page the rectangle rendering the macro always show previous content (step 1)

Is there a bug with AP.confluence.getMacroBody called from client side javascript in edit page (in view and preview page it is OK)?
Is there a workaround for this issue?



Hey @FrancoisBomal,

My name is Engin, I’m an engineer at Confluence Cloud Ecosystem.
I’m able to reproduce this issue. It’s always returning the previous save’s value.
I’ll see what we can do on our side.

Hi @EnginTekin

I am very happy to know that cloud engineers are checking threads in this forum.
The issue mentioned above is very critical for lot of popular macros from Marketplace. There is ticket in Confluence issue tracker https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONFCLOUD-69962

This is successor to this ticket https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONFCLOUD-66858
To paraphrase what I said in the ticket:

Since getMacroBody only returns previous version, users need to publish the page to see how edited macro would look. This is off course very bad publishing workflow to force on users. A lot of them just get confused and leave bad reviews or don’t use macros at all.

We (and lot of users) would be really thalkful if you could prioritize this ticket.

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I just stumbled across this today. It’s really confusing for our customers who think our app is buggy.

Any chance for this to get resolved soon?

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Hi @EnginTekin,
Do you have some news or a roadmap to share with us about this problem?
Please note that a couple of add-ins have this issue, so lot of users too.