AP.dialog.getCustomData broken in JSM request view

We have a Connect app that integrates into the JSM request view and calls

            key: "the-dialog",
            width: 600,
            height: 250,
            chrome: true,
            header: "My header",
            cancelText: "Close",
            customData: {some: "data"},

The key attribute in the dialog create payload refers to a general page module in the app descriptor:

    "generalPages": [
        "key": "the-dialog",
        "url": "/dialog/the-dialog?project.id={project.id}",
        "location": "none",
        "name": {
          "value": "My header"

Unfortunately, we just noticed that the call to AP.dialog.getCustomData(callback) (from within the dialog iframe) seems to always return undefined in the request view (this was working previously).

We are using this same mechanism in the regular Jira issue view where this works as expected.

I have tried to report this under the ACJS project, however, I do not seem to have permission to create an issue on this project.

Hi @tbinna ,

I’ve asked the Jira Ecosystem team if they can investigate this.


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Hi @tbinna,
can you confirm that the issue still occurs? One of the developers tried to reproduce it and everything seems to work properly.

Hi @BeataSzturemska,

Thanks for the investigation. I just tested this myself again and I cannot reproduce it anymore.

:thinking_face: strange… Apologies for the extra work. I think we can consider this as closed.

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