AP.request with binaryAttachment does not work


I was happy when I saw the new option added to get attachment as binary data, this one:

binaryAttachment	Boolean	false	

If this is set to true, the developer is specifying a request for an attachment consisting of binary data (e.g. an image) and the format of the response will be set to "arraybuffer".

Above description is from here:

Unfortunately sending the request with this option as true doesn’t change anything - the response is stll as a text, not as expected - as arraybuffer.

Can you fix it or let me know how to use it correctly (is there any other property/header which must be set?)

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@anyone ?

I can’t believe that Atlassian added this option which doesn’t work…

Hi, We’ve made some changes regarding this. Can you check again to see if it works for you now? Thanks.


Hi @PreethiK , I confirm it works perfect. Thank you!