API endpoint for transferring global estimate hours to another member

I’m just starting out using the Trello API. On Trello cards I’ve noticed that it is possible to add a time estimate and list that under global. After a time estimate has been added to the global user, it is possible to transfer that time to a different user that is on that board/card. I’ve looked at the API docs but I don’t see an endpoint or anything like that to be able to transfer that time via an API call. If the functionality does exist to do that I would greatly appreciate it if someone would point it out to me. Thanks in advance.

Hey there, I’m not sure what time estimate nor global fields you’re referring to in Trello. Perhaps you could provide an annotated screenshot to add additional context?

Are you using any browser extensions or Power-Ups that may be adding fields to the Trello card?

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Hey there, thanks for responding. After looking at my situation more I realized that my issue has to do with a plugin for trello (plus for trello), not trello itself.