API for getting all 20'000 users


Currently we are observing the issue when it is possible to have 20’000 users per instance but we can’t get more than 9999 users via API request.

  1. Is there any timeline for the 20’000 users API support?
  2. Can the limit for 9999 be extended for a particular Jira Cloud instance?

Thank you!



Does anybody know anything regarding the issue? Any information is highly appreciated! Thank you!

Hello @LiubovTopchyi

You haven’t said how you are getting those users. IE, which REST API endpoint are you using and what is the structure / format of your request to that endpoint.

You also haven’t said if the limit happens even when paginating the requests into batches. IE, is the limit absolute, or only per paginated batch.

Hi @sunnyape,

I work with @LiubovTopchyi on a team.
We use /rest/api/2/user/search?query= to get users. When we call /rest/api/2/user/search?query=&startAt=9999 or /rest/api/2/user/search?query=&startAt=10000 we get an empty response


Hi @DmitryKvashenko.
I faced the same issue couple of years ago.

The official position about it is:
“User/search API with query parameter wasn’t designed to fetch such amount of users, it was designed to search users by provided search phrase”

If you would like to fetch all users, you should use /rest/api/3/users/search without query parameter. Please, notice that “Connect apps cannot access this REST resource”. If you would like to use this API in Connect App you should describe your specific case to Atlassian.

Kindest regards,
Igor Piskunov

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Hi @DmitryKvashenko

I was going to say the same thing as @piskunovigorm … try using the V3 API, as it may be a limit of the V2 API and also to make your search more specific to a set of users, not all users.

You’re just using too broad a search and returning too many records, and Atlassian are rightfully capping that request to reduce load on the backend