API to determine Premium, Standard, Free edition of Confluence

Hi all,

Is there an API to determine what tier/edition the customer site is on. Our apps use functionality that is hidden in Free Tier (e.g. permissions). To avoid crashing errors we need to be able to determine if the Confluence site is on Free, Standard, Premium.

There is a Jira API that shows Free vs Paid. Have not been able to find the equivalent in Confluence. Does it exist?

Thank you

Answered our own question after some exploring. The systeminfo API does return a field “edition”


    "cloudId": "40df05c4...",
    "commitHash": "fd6418f9b90...",
    "baseUrl": "https://digitalrosedev.atlassian.net/wiki",
    "edition": "standard",
    "siteTitle": "Conf Dev",
    "defaultLocale": "en_GB",
    "defaultTimeZone": "America/Denver"


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In Atlassian Connect, you can specify this in the URL, eg:

   "webPanels": [
        "url": "/my-footer?space_key={space.key}&page_id={page.id}&content_id={content.id}&is.premium={condition.edition_equal_to(edition=PREMIUM)}&is.standard={condition.edition_equal_to(edition=STANDARD)}&is.free={condition.edition_equal_to(edition=FREE)}",
        "location": "atl.footer",
        "weight": 500,
        "key": "my-atl-footer",

Then check for is.premium, is.standard & is.free request parameters.