API to interact with existing JIRA fields


I’ve read the documentation and I’ve seen that the platform supports adding new JIRA fields that have various actions.

I am interested if there is a way to observe and interact with the existing ones. My specific use case is that I want to observe when a user is typing in the Description field and offer suggestions for autocomplete. If the observation is not possible I would like at least to add a button next to the Description field that inserts some text there. I’ve tried to do this with a jira:issuePanel module and a call to PUT /rest/api/3/issue/${issueKey}. However, it seems that the user has to refresh the page in order to see the updated text in Description.

Is there any way to achieve this?

Thank you,

Hi @bogdan,

Unfortunately, observing filed value changes is not implemented yet but we are working on that. You can follow this ticket [FRGE-608] - Ecosystem Jira.
You can also add your specific use case in the comments but as far as I understood your case it will be possible with FRGE-608.