API_TOKEN_DB_LIMIT_EXCEEDED has multiple projects in ruins

Can you DM me your API key and I can go take a look?

We reverted the change completely so I would expect things to return to normal.

Are you seeing it happen on certain API routes and not others?

I’m also still seeing the errors in the same accounts that were not experiencing them before last Friday, have DMd you details of one of the more critical accounts’ key/tokens and response headers showing the “NaN”.

None of the impacted accounts have returned to normal yet.

I am also facing the problem

Hey in case anyone is still experiencing this issue, after some discussion with Bentley I found that removing fields=all from any board query resolved the issue, instead now when I fetch boards I use fields=name,idOrganization at most and “lazy load” any additional data about the board in subsequent requests.

EDIT: I also changed any board query to lists=none and lazily load any list data in subsequent requests if required.

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This should be fixed now. Mind checking and confirming for me, @Mattlassian?

@bentley - Same Matt here - all good! Thank you!

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