API v2 Endpoint to convert content ids to content types returns 401

Dear developer community,

I am building a Forge App and am trying to use the v2 API endpoint to convert content id’s to content types:

However, I always get this response:
{code: 401, message: 'Unauthorized; scope does not match'}

The content is in my personal space and I have full access, so I should be able to fetch this endpoint. I am using these scopes for the app:

- read:confluence-content.summary
- read:confluence-content.all
- write:confluence-content
- read:content:confluence
- read:content-details:confluence
- read:page:confluence
- read:blogpost:confluence

But nothing seems to work. Am I missing something here? Any help to get this to work would be much appreciated :slight_smile:




Hi @FelixWaldbach - I apologize for this!

It looks like this was an oversight on our part. This was the first V2 endpoint we introduced with 0 required OAuth 2.0 scopes, but did not do the configuration for this correctly.

I am working with the corresponding internal teams to get this resolved ASAP.

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Hi @FelixWaldbach - I apologize for the mistake here. We should have added the read:content.metadata:confluence scope to the documentation. We are targeting another release/docs update the first week of July, I will make sure this is included.

Let me know if this unblocks you!

Edit: I tested this on a macro and for some reason, it didn’t show the allow access screen after adding the scope. The convert request works as expected after I accepted the new permissions on a different module.

I ran into the same problem, but the convert endpoint still returns a 401 after adding the read:content.metadata:confluence scope. Do we have to add more scopes to the manifest? These are the ones I’m currently using:

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