App Approval Timelines


How much time it takes for app approvals.
We have submitted 2 apps , one on 12th July and the other on 19th July.


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On average it’s 10 business days. But I imagine due to Codegeist the wait time will at least double.

Its nearing 20 business days for our first submission…
Hope we get a response soon.

Any luck yet?

I’m still waiting on approval for apps submitted 17th July.

I think there are no standard timelines it depends on the bandwidth, it took me over a month to get first response and subsequent responses were on weekly basis only. So be patient and wait for it.

Also still waiting. There was another discussion last week that recieved some feedback from Atlassian including promises to look into a few tickets, but it has since been archived and visibility removed.

Looking through questions in this community, it seems like the workload for the Marketplace support team has been overwhelming for years already. Hopefully the response time improves in the future.

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At the moment it seems to be taking six weeks to get approved.

One of my apps won a cash prize in the Codegeist. I submitted it to the marketplace on the 19th July. Today is the 26th August. Still waiting for approval.

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