App installation Issue (kid = fake kid)

Hello !

I have an issue with my App.
People were able to install it and now not anymore.

When the installation is using R256 we get a respond as “fake-kid” that is creating an error 404 when we call the URL (‘’)

How to solve that ?

Thanks a lot !


Hi @AlexisDespeyroux. Welcome to the developer community. Just FYI, that URL you’ve provided isn’t valid. It’s neither a Jira cloud instance, nor is it the correct URL for where you might be hosting your descriptor. Can you double check your resources/URLs?

Hi Alexis,

Atlassian runs some automated security scans on Connect apps. The fake-kid stuff is intended to fail. If it passed it would mean you aren’t checking the install secrets correctly. The scans come in sets of 6 from what I’ve seen. (Or multiples of 6). They check a few different failure types.