App key mismatch between cloud and server

Hi all,

I naively created a cloud-first Jira plugin with the key name ‘foo-bar’ (rather than the standard) and have been working on porting it over to a server variant. I tried to convert my cloud key to a server one i.e. groupId = foo- and artifactId = bar hoping that the concatenated string would match. However when I ran atlas-package I noticed it added a period between the concatenated fields resulting in ‘’ , which results in a mismatch when trying to upload to the marketplace.

Add-on key in plugin descriptor ( did not match existing add-on (foo-bar)

Has anyone else encountered this issue, or know a workaround? Can I somehow remove the period during atlas-package, or do I (somehow) need to re-key my app entirely?

Just worked it out,

the issue was the way the pom.xml was building the plugin key.