App License - Different for Server and Cloud?

We built our server app and are about to build a cloud version. Will they both share the same app license or is a different app license required for each version (server vs cloud)? I ask because I know the app license can’t change once it’s been set. Currently, it is llc.api.server.decisions-for-jira. If they will share the same license then I should probably change it to llc.api.decisions-for-jira before it gets published. If they don’t share then I can keep the current app license and name the cloud version

Thanks in advance for your help.


just for clarification when you say app license you’re referring to the app key, correct?

Just checked with the marketplace team to confirm. If you want the Cloud version to be on the same listing as the Server version (which I assume you do) then you definitely want to keep the same app key.

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Yes, I did mean app key. And, thank you for responding. I’ll change the name to llc.api.decisions-for-jira.