App listed in “Apps” menu in Forge Custom UI

Is it possible As mentioned in here about new navigation in Jira, how can I get my app listed right within the dropdown options of “Apps” menu using in Forge Custom UI?

I don’t see any modules for this in Jira except jira:projectpage which shows on the left hand navigation and NOT the top apps menu.


I do not think that you can have an app show up in the Popular Apps section. However, there is a Connect module that allows an app to show up under the Apps dropdown:

The module used to do this is from Home Container and using the generalPages module:

However, a look at the page tracking Connect modules that have been ported to Forge (, it looks like generalPages hasn’t been ported over but is at the top of the “Up Next” list.

So not something that can be achieved as of today.

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Thanks for the prompt response! Yes, thats exactly what I was looking for, allowing the app to show up under the ‘Apps’ dropdown.

I know it is possible in connect but found no documentation how to do it in Forge, glad I got clarification for that. Will keep my eyes on the page and future releases.

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For me is the option very interesting too.

@KankeIshaku: did you the solution with the connect App or you still waiting?