App Properties in App Descriptor


I’m trying to make the following properties be dynamic for my WebPanel in Jira Cloud:

WebPanel Name
WebPanel Weight

I want to archive this by saving the values as App properties from my configuration page (I use same approach for conditions regarding when the Webpanel is visible).

I have tried specifying the following in the App Descripter (atlassian-connect.json) file:

WebPanel name:

"name": {
			  "value": "{['']}"

And WebPanel weight:
"weight": {['']}

But alas, it isn’t working. I can’t find the documentation for it, but I would expect this functionality to be available (otherwise, how can I let my clients decide where to put my WebPanel on issues. If it is to work, I would have expected to also supply a default-value to avoid having a null value.

Any experience or someone who can point me to an example?

Descriptors are static in nature so you can’t declare it there. I would suggest looking into dynamic modules: