App started to request access permission from users and it does not complete

Users that worked well with the forge app now claim the app requests access permission again and when they click the allow button the permissions are not given. Instead, a Something went wrong sign is displayed.

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Apparently this is transitory. Changing the project and retrying eventually leads to success.

However the behavior was reported by more than one user.

So I went to the app, upgraded all packages and then redeployed. Is this something we need to do constantly to keep the app updated even if there are no code changes?

I’m hitting the same thing, can you explain more precisely how you resolved this? When you mention upgrading packages, I presume you are referring to node/NPM packages?

Yes, I did that but I am not sure if this is the solution, just something I did tentatively. Then I redeployed the app in production environment. My users seem to be able to allow access for the app now…

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