App with key does not exist


Recently i start facing addOnKey not found in my trial and prod instance too…

is thr any change in below api?


getting below error


  • status-code: 404,
  • message: “App with key does not exist.”


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@umang.savaliya, were you perhaps requesting add-on properties for a different add-on?

My quick testing shows that you would also get a 404 if you try to call the add-on properties API using a bearer token (act as user).


About a week ago we started experiencing exactly the same issue. Made all our Marketplace apps unusable.

We called the App Properties API, using ACT_AS_USER from the backend. I then went and did a test implementation using axios and using my credentials to auth and I still received the same “app with key does not exist”.

The only way I was able to make a successful call was via AP.request from the frontend? No implementation seemed to work from the backend.

Do you guys perhaps know why AP.request would succeed and not the backend calls?

Kind regards,

Dirk de Klerk

This bug is being fixed as AC-2505.