AppDynamic for performance monitoring

How do I get a list of Managed Beans, used to expose resources from Bitbucket Server for AppDynamic, for performance monitoring. Specifically:

  • CPU Utilization/ Memory / Load
  • Anything to monitor event queues
  • Elastic Search
  • Requests being served (https, ssh, counts, frequent projects etc…)

Is there any documentation or resource i could lookup for this?

Hi @voseghale,
Thanks for reaching out.

Are you looking for this documentation? Enabling JMX counters for performance monitoring

I will point out that in order to monitor CPU load and memory usage you’d need to retrieve the appropriate metrics from the OS, not Bitbucket Server.

Similarly, Bitbucket Server does not expose ES metrics. Those would need to be retrieved from ElasticSearch instead.

Juan Palacios


Thanks, This was helpful.