$applicationProperties.getBaseUrl() is not working in Bitbucket plugins

Hello Guys,

In our .vm (admin.vm) inside our plugin, we put below in order to get the base URL:

    <meta name="application-base-url" content="$applicationProperties.getBaseUrl()">

But, $applicationProperties.getBaseUrl() is empty. Noting that we are doing exactly the same in Confluence and Jira and it is working. Do we have another way to get the base URL from the back-end in our .vm?



we have this in our atlassian-plugin.xml, I think it might be related:

    <template-context-item key="applicationPropertiesContextItem"
                           component-ref="applicationProperties" context-key="applicationProperties"
                           name="Application Properties Context Item"/>

It’s not within a web-resource or something.

Hope this helps,

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Many thanks @tobitheo , it works :slight_smile: I have to add as well this:

<component-import key="applicationProperties"
   	interface="com.atlassian.sal.api.ApplicationProperties" />


Ah, yeah, forgot about that, sorry. I think we have that somewhere as a @ComponentImport thing so it gets picked up by the Spring Scanner.

Glad I could help :slight_smile: