ApplicationUser and JiraHelper do not get populated in AbstractJiraContextProvider

Hello everybody,

I am struggling, getting a custom ContextProvider working in a web panel, we try to include in the Jira user profile page. The method getContextMap gets called, but the ApplicationUser and the JiraHelper are null, whatever I do.

Here the configuration from the plugin descriptor:

 <web-panel key="custom-profile-panel" location="webpanels.user.profile.summary.custom" weight="150">
        <context-provider class="de.syracom.jira.plugins.UserProfileProvider" />
        <resource name="view" type="velocity" location="template/userprofile.vm"></resource>

And the implementation of the ContextProvider

public class UserProfileProvider extends AbstractJiraContextProvider {

    private final UserManager userManager;

    private final UserConfigRepository userConfigRepository;
    private final PluginConfigRepository pluginConfigRepository;

    public UserProfileProvider(UserManager userManager, @ComponentImport ActiveObjects activeObjects, @ComponentImport TransactionTemplate transactionTemplate) {
        this.userManager = userManager;
        this.userConfigRepository = new UserConfigRepository(activeObjects, transactionTemplate);
        this.pluginConfigRepository = new PluginConfigRepository(activeObjects, transactionTemplate);

    public Map getContextMap(ApplicationUser applicationUser, JiraHelper jiraHelper) {
        Map contextMap = new HashMap();

        HttpServletRequest request = jiraHelper.getRequest();
        String pathInfo = request.getPathInfo();
        UserProfile userProfile = this.userManager.getUserProfile(applicationUser.getName());

        return contextMap;

We are using the Atlassian SDK 6.2.14 with AMPS 6.2.11, Spring Scanner 1.x and Jira 7.2.2.

Any ideas, why this is not working?


I found this to be the case with the Project web-panel (for use with the sidebar) as well.