App's Active Object data export in Space export process


Is there any way to include apps’ active object data in the Space export process? Is there any hook to be in the middle of this process or some kind of events that help us to include this data? We have some key data that we would like to export. Any possible idea would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi @GorkaGalloBustinza,

I’m gonna jump in and say pretty much no, there’s isn’t a way to add data to the export of a Space. If you’re looking at Server to Cloud migrations, we have the About App migration platform which can help you with the migration.

Otherwise you’ll need to make your own custom export with a space picker, etc. You might be able to then leverage the code that runs the space export with that, but all it will give you is the finished zip file and then you’ll need to post-process the zip file and add your data.