"Apps for every team" Marketplace Campaign

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Thank you for the great work you’re doing!

We are about to launch a new app for Bitbucket Server / Data Center in early June. How can we use this campaign to increase awareness of the new app?

Also, following the question by Nicolas Bontoux above - I’ve noticed, that not only the ‘Software Teams’ page, but also the ‘IT Teams’ page only features apps for Jira. (By the way, what’s the difference between ‘Software Teams’ and ‘IT Teams’ for that purpose?).

Considering the fact, that your target audience is Jira/Confluence admins - does this campaign have any value for Bitbucket app developers?


Even though we are primarily focused on Jira/Confluence, it should still work for you to also promote your Bitbucket app along the same messaging. The larger messaging is that the Marketplace has “apps for every team” so the best way to participate is to identify those specific teams you are trying to target and include some quotes or reviews that speak to them.

There is a specific difference between software/ IT teams. You’ll find that IT teams is more focused on monitoring, support, and asset management.

@IngolaBertram - You can request access to article writing on the community by notifying the moderators here. While you can promote your app through the campaign here please be mindful of the community guidelines around promoting your app.

Hi Emilee - I’m wondering about the customized ad assets, will you provide us with ad assets we can customize?

Hi, @espencer.

We would like to know more about the items below:

  • Featured in our May and June Marketplace newsletter
  • Featured in the June Confluence newsletter
  • Targeted demand generation, including paid ads
  • In-product notifications
  • Social promote across Atlassian handles

Will any of them show specific apps? Or Is that something we need to share using the assets? How these action will work?

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Thank you! That´s fine with us, we also provide plugins for Jira and Confluence and would like to promote them as well. We do understand it correctly? Everyone has the chance to promote the own apps, i.e. there is no competitive situation with one winner in the end? Sorry, I just want to make sure as the team just wonders…

@IngolaBertram - No there is no competition here. Our goal is to help promote marketplace and provide vendor with additional resources to do so. There are no winners or losers in this. The hope is that we will all benefit from additional marketing and attention on apps.

@MindProApps - That’s quite the list… in fact, I think it’s all of them! Our messaging for Marketplace with this campaign is a general “apps for every team”. We are not focused on any apps in particular and I try to actively avoid doing. I think helping retweeting a specific app, or sharing a blog is fine but I try not call out any apps in our demand gen or in-product notifications. Those will promote our campaign page and the team type pages. I hope this gives you more clarity.

@olofk - The ad assets to customize are already available and located in the google drive for “Download social media assets”. They are available in the .ai form so you can customize with your logo and text. Please let me know if you have issues accessing it.

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Thank you! You mentioned the access to the ad assets via Google Drive (Download social media assets) - where exactly can we find that in Google Drive?

@IngolaBertram It’s the download social media assets link in the page above. It links to the google drive. Then look for co-branded social creative folder.

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We’re working on a blog post with illustrations. Is it possible to use current Atlassian graphics such as
and the like to help readers connect new content with known contexts?

Hi @izymesdev - I’m not sure where you got those graphics but they don’t look current to me. It would be preferred that you used the graphics that are provided in google drive folder. Thanks!

Hi, @espencer. Can we start posting in social media using the assets provided on Google Drive or should we wait for the video and official blogpost?

Hi @EduardoAnflor Please feel free to start now. The blog went out this morning and I’m due to get the video today as well. I’ll update the page once I have the links available but no need to start sharing as part of this campaign before this is live.

Hi Everyone!

Thank you all for the feedback and contributions you are making to help our campaign. I want to provide you with an update that we have updated with additional assets that are now available on the page.

  1. The blog post is now live!
  2. The video is now live :smile:
  3. I’ve had overwhelming feedback from partners about doing a customer story. In light of that, I’ve created a team type customer story template that would allow you to share stories about how your app has solved for a problem for a team. This could be repurposed from an existing customer story that you link to, or a new one! I’d like to organize a collection of these in community under the tag #customer-app-stories that we can use to promote marketplace and each of your app use cases individually.
    Additionally, I’m happy to let you know that there is an existing program in place to work on customer stories from our partners. This requires access to the Atlassian Partner portal but you can still request access or wait until July 1st when they will be doing a mass update to get access as part of the updates to the Marketplace Partner Program.

Thank you all for your contributions and questions. As always, feel free to private message me with any questions.



@espencer Thanks for the answers. One more question: I have created an article an it is still “In Moderation”. How long it usually takes to be published? Thanks again.

@EduardoAnflor That is strange! Can you message me the link and I’ll look into it?

@espencer It is working now. Thanks!

Hi everyone!!

The new Marketplace video is now up. Please feel free to share as part of your promotions or use in any education content about Marketplace.


Will do, thanks @espencer

Really love the video! Great work!! :smiley:

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Awesome video. Thanks!