Apps rejected due to missing support portal link


I recently submitted two paid apps that got rejected and are awaiting resubmission.
These are the tickets:

The specific reason for the rejection is:

We are rejecting this app submission due to the absence of a support portal link, please note that for apps with Payment Model set as Paid via Atlassian, it is mandatory to have a public support portal set up to serve the app customers.

I’d like to understand what exactly in my apps listing is referring to “support portal link”? Is it the field “Support ticketing system”?

I checked the app approval guidelines and it’s never mentioned to strictly require a web-based portal to provide support to customers, instead email is also a valid option. We have an email connected to our internal Jira SD, to process all customer requests.


Atlassian Marketplace Partner Agreement (Marketplace Partner Agreement | Atlassian):

" 6.3. End User Support. You will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide telephone, web-based and /or email support to the end users for your Marketplace Apps during normal business hours (…) "


Provide support: Offer support by email, phone, or web-based applications like Jira or Zendesk as described in the Marketplace Partner Agreement.

Therefore I guess we don’t strictly need a “web based portal link”.
Perhaps I still need to fill the email for support in the app listing as well (I currently set this only on the Vendor profile)? If yes, which is the field?
Can someone please take a look at this?