Archived cards returned by rest API are not marked closed

There’s an old thread about cards in archived lists not marked closed, but this is specifically cards themselves that have been archived. Cards I can clearly see in the archive on a board are returned with closed: false when using either the<board-id>/cards endpoint to list all cards or the individual<board-id>/cards/<card-id> endpoint to get the same individual card.

As far as I can tell there’s now no way to see if a card has been archived. Was archiving recently changed? Is this something that just needs to be added to the API response?

Hello @OfficerHalf

I just tested both those REST API endpoints and both are working correctly, and returning a closed object that contains true for cards that are archived and false for cards that are not.

I also checked using the Get a card endpoint, just to be sure, and it too is correctly returning a closed object with true / false for the card being archived or not.

You might want to check your results again, as it all seems to be working just fine.

Looks like you’re correct, thanks for checking. Though I swear I checked multiple times it looks like I was just mistaken due to cards with similar titles and descriptions. :sweat_smile: Woops.