Are there any plans to deprecate Velocity?

With the recent discussions around moving Confluence server to use React and AtlasKit at some point, I was thinking about how this would relate to the base Velocity layouts.

Partly because this would affect our ThemeBuilder product, but also because if Atlassian are to deprecate Velocity that would have an impact on all products using this code language, and user macros.

Can someone give me an idea of Atlassian plans for Velocity, especially in relation to the base layouts in Confluence.


It seems super unlikely in the short to medium term, seeing as there are lots of marketplace apps with UI’s written in Velocity, Confluence macros, Jira email templates etc…

It seems like the plan is to create new features in React, and then incrementally perhaps migrate old UI in the long term? I think Atlassian are still in the initial stages of planning for server products, based on the information we know so far.

Of course once React comes into play, Velcocity is completely out of the picture which raises some interesting questions about UI customisation for products which use React…

As outlined in the recent blog post Updated best practices for Server app design:

  • Existing server UI will remain as-is in the short and medium term .
  • Timeframes for new UI features will vary from product to product.
  • New features in server will start to be built with React.

Thanks for this Reece.
Its a concern with no straight answer for now I guess.