asApp requests by @forge/api return HTTP 401 - Unauthorized; scope does not match


We use jql/match endpoint to search jira issues. In some instances it still works as expected, but in some instances it started to return 401-s ({ “code”: 401, “message”: “Unauthorized; scope does not match” }). That is not in API specs and the search should just return empty if I would have any permission related errors. Thus is some other gradual upgrade impacting the search via forge API ?



Hi @margus.nael ,

The reported issue seems to be related to the deprecation of Lenient URL path processing for OAuth 2.0 requests that we started rolling out on the 26th of February.

Due to this change OAuth 2.0-authenticated requests with URIs such as these will no longer return successful responses from Jira:




For more details please see:
Can you kindly check whether this is indeed the case, or provide more details about the issue you are facing?
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