Asking advices for App Compatibility setting

I am writing to ask advices for App Compatibility setting.
I am using the latest version of Atlassian Plugin SDK - Windows which is 8.0.16.
According to the release note, it supports Jira Server 7.6.1 - 8.2.1.

However, as you may know, many customers use later versions and the latest version of JIRA is 8.11.0.

I am wondering how I can support that latest version of JIRA because the latest SDK only supports 8.2.1 or below. Could I set App Compatibility as 8.11.0 after testing my app on the latest version of JIRA?
How do I guarantee my app is compatible with the latest JIRA?

Or is there any download link or any other places to get the latest Atlassian Plugin SDK which supports the latest JIRA version?

According to guideline below, system will update the compatibility but I can manually set it on my app setting and it does not seem to be updated when I upload a new version.

I also checked the guide below but I could not find menu for “JIRA update check” on “my app manage” page .

Thanks for your advice in advance.