Assets API Deprecations to IdAsInt for ObjectSchema Responses

Hi developer community,

We would like to notify you about a minor change to Assets API as part of ongoing improvements we working on for the Assets. For more details, please see the change log here.

Currently, our identifiers (id or <entity>Id) are strings representing integers, but we plan to change to UUID or other string representations in the near future. In order to support this, we’re removing fields that represent Id as integers. We have checked all the assets endpoints, and identified that objectSchema endpoints are affected as they return IdAsInt property in their responses. Therefore, we will be removing this field from the response in March 2024. We have marked this deprecated in the documentation to prevent any future usage of this property.

We have also made corrections to the documentation for some properties to indicate the value as a string. Previously these properties were marked incorrectly as an integer. Please see the change log here for updated properties. These fixes are not a breaking change as the API only ever accepted string type identifiers for the identified properties.

Thank you for working with Assets!

The Assets Team

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