Atlas-run/debug clearing attachment data in v8.x

Hi there,

our plugin uses attachments to store its custom data. We use the standard confluence java API to manage these. All working fine.

However, it seems that atlas-run and atlas-debug are clearing the attachment storage in recent versions. Attachment data seems to end up in “target\container\tomcat9x\cargo-confluence-home${confluenceHome}” instead of the actual confluence home and this directory gets purged upon restart and thus our test data is broken every time.

This also happens with attachments that have been uploaded manually through the attachment page, so it’s not related to something special we do in our app.

This makes development near impossible, since (for a related reason) its not even possible to backup and reimport a site (backup directory not a subpath of confluence.home or sth).

Are we missing some magic configuration, or is this just as braindead as we think it is?

Best regards