Atlas-run should fail if my plugin isn't loaded

Why? Because of this:

[INFO] amps:stop in 54s

Plus, add on all the time atlas-run takes from the time my plugin fails to the time jira is up and running and ready to be shutdown gracefully.

I am wasting several minutes every time something goes wrong.

If the plugin fails, then just fix the problem and use ‘atlas-package’ to repackage it. If you have quickreload set up, then it should reinstall the plugin immediately at runtime. You shouldn’t need to stop and start the full container.

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Wow, I was thinking that to “reload” something, it actually had to be “loaded” in the first place. LOL

Thanks so much!

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You can speed it up even more if you do auto-save / auto-package in your IDE. For front-end stuff, I use nodemon to start atlas-mvn package on changes

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