Atlas-run-standalone seed test data

Is it possible to add test data when running Jira with atlas-run-standalone?

I’ve done this
and it works fine with atlas-run or atlas-debug but I can’t find a way to make it work with atlas-run-standalone.


I am not exactly sure about your initial question, but are you trying to run the atlas-run-standalone command and it doesn’t work at all? Which parameters are you using?

Thanks Taylan.
atlas-run-standalone runs fine but I’m trying to add some initial test data to it.
For example have some Test Project.
I’ve done this but I can’t make it work with atlas-run-standalone.

Did you alredy take a look at this section as well?
As far as I can understand, atlas-run-standalone runs an instance without any plugins, is that what you really want to do?
I am assuming that since you want some initial test data, you are also probably trying to test your plugin? Otherwise make sure to go through this page as well:
I hope this gets you furhter